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Handmade Wood Seed Displays

Choose how many varieties you want:
14-model, 24-model, 34-model, or 64-model

"Our products are simply the best available. We invite you to be a part of our quality and know-how. We provide the information and seed and you reap the benefit in this unique seed product. We've been in the wildflower business for 18 years. There's a reason behind our methods and the result is the best success with wildflowers our customers say. You'll be proud to be a Holland Wildflower Farm distributor."

- owners, Bob and Julie Holland

individual packets are generous quantities of seed

All individual seed packets contain generous quantities that cover 20-30 sq. ft. with gorgeous wildflowers. Choose from over 70 varieties and 5 seed mixes. Coming soon...Native Grass Mix. We carry over 70 varieties packaged carefully AT OUR FARM. Your customers will RECOGNIZE THE QUALITY. You'll find Holland Wildflower Farm has more desirable wildflower varieties , higher quality seed, more detailed labeling (our labels tell you how to germinate seed, culture requirements, bloomtime, and much more). PLUS you can actually see the seed in our reclosable zip-bags

Individual pkg Seed mix packages are 1/4 oz. & cover 30-60 sq. ft. Each package has detailed planting information on a colorful label.

Seed Displays shown below designed by Jeffie O'Kane and Francis Leighton

14 model Small, easy to display, portable

14 variety museum-quality countertop or wall-mounted display case

Hand-crafted of birch and red oak. Best for PORTABLE DISPLAY FOR LIMITED SPACE, very eye-catching. standard collection: Wildflowers for Butterflies and Birds, "you-choose" or custom collections (example: Wildflowers for shade, Wildflowers of Indiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, we DO your state, etc) available.
Eye-catching, portable 34-model!

34 variety museum-quality tabletop or wall-mounted display

BEST ATTENTION-GETTER in showcase settings standard collection: Wildflowers for Eastern North America, "you-choose" or custom collections available
24 model looks great anywhere

24 variety rotating counter display

MOST POPULAR and SPACE-EFFICIENT standard collection: Wildflowers for Cutting, "you-choose" or custom collections (example: Wildflowers of Missouri, OK, etc) available.
64 model on turnstyle

64 variety rotating floor display

Handcrafted birch standard collection: Wildflowers for North America
Photo buttons to make your own display

Individual Buttons

So you can make your own seed display.  Ozark Folkways in Winslow, Arkansas says this is the way to go...
$2.00 each Makes your display ever changeable with new seed varieties as easy as changing a button on your display.

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