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Pound: $78.00
Half Pound: $48.00
Qtr Pound: $30.00
Ounce: $16.00
Packet: $7.95
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What is in this mix?
All seeds are labeled with detailed planting instructions, germination temperature, growth conditions, planting time, bloom time, and helps.
Common Name: Ozark Naturals
Scientific Name: wildflowers of the Ozarks
Color: multi-color mix
Height: 6-60 inche
Longevity: 5 years
Shade: sun
Bloom Time: April-October
Native (N. America): native, naturalized
Price per Pound: $78.00
Price per Ounce: $16.00
Price per Packet: $7.95
In the Ozarks we are privileged to live amid mountain, prairie and wetland wild plants. The flowers are lovely and abundant but they are tough as boots for hot, dry, wet, cold. We recommend this mix just about anywhere you want to see coneflowers, butterfly weed, gayfeather, coreopsis, at least 13 mountain and prairie species with many native across the country and in the melting pot that is the Ozarks. Use in North American zones 4-8.

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